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Sandwiches are necessary go-to snack with endless possibilities at any time of day. Breakfast, lunch or dinner you can’t go wrong with a handheld delight like a sandwich. Hannah’s Bretzel is a great option for a gourmet style sandwich made with the freshest organic ingredients. I stopped in Hannah’s one evening with AJ Peace, a young lady who is an artist with many different talents. AJ who is a Southside native is also sandwich connoisseur so she was pleased to grab a bite on her break from her job at Iridium boutique which she takes pride in being a stellar stylist.

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AJ has the type of personality and style that commands attention when she steps into a room. She is a singer, rapper and dancer who effortlessly catches anyone’s eye. “According to my mother, I have been in love with music since I was in the womb, she would sing to me while she was pregnant and that’s when I would kick and respond the most.” Explains AJ. She released her second project Know AJ last summer and owes the majority of it to her close friends. “I didn’t start taking recording music seriously until my friends who do music as well started motivating me to work hard at it” adds AJ.

It’s almost hard to believe that someone full of spark like AJ had an extreme stage fright when she started performing because now when she takes the stage it’s an experience with audience participation. AJ admits she doesn’t know what her sound or musical style is like but she does lists Willow Smith as one of her favorite artists. If you listen to AJ’s latest single “I Look So Good” produced by and featuring her childhood friend, Teddy Jackson, you’ll hear some of Willow’s influence as well.

Hannah’s Bretzel is known for the sandwiches, but what really makes them stand out the most from other sandwich spots is the tasty pretzel buns that each sandwich is served on. The atmosphere of the restaurant is sleek and chic. It could be considered fast food, but fancy so I’d call it fancy fast food. AJ ordered the chicken, avocado sandwich which consisted of free-range chicken, avocado, local fresh mozzarella, house made pesto, organic baby arugula and roasted red peppers on organic bretzel baguette. In between bites, AJ mentions “This is really good, better than I expected”.


I ordered the organic turkey with a farmhouse cheddar sandwich with certified organic smoked turkey, local white cheddar, fresh organic apple slices, mixed greens and house made roasted pepper aioli on organic bretzel baguette. The apple slices were a superb touch with the turkey making the perfect sweet and salty combination that some sandwiches need.

If you’re ever in the loop or downtown area be sure to check out Hannah’s Bretzel at 400 N La Salle St. In the meantime, take a listen to AJ’s latest, “I Look So Good”

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