Chicago Black Restaurant Week

By: Charne Graham


February is one the most astonishing months because of Black History. There is so much to be proud of but Black entrepreneurship is significantly inspiring. This week until the 13th is also the first Chicago Black Restaurant Week and I picked out a few of my favorites you should try before it’s over this weekend.

1. Truth Italian Restaurant

Located in the heart of Bronzeville, Truth is a swanky Italian eatery and lounge that is perfect for a date night or just drinks with friends. Truth is offering discounts on it’s Infamous Wings, Atlantic salmon and grilled chicken alfredo amongst a few other special items this week. You can visit them at 56 E. Pershing.

2. Turkey Chop


Turkey Chop has always been a favorite of ours because every time you eat there, you are giving back to the community. The restaurant donates 25% of it’s revenue to it’s sister organization The Love Foundation. During CBRW, Turkey Chop will offer a special on a dinner for 2 which includes, BBQ, jerk, smothered, bourbon or fried chicken with your choice of 2 sides and includes 2 drinks with peach cobbler all for just $20.16. Check them out at 3506 W. Chicago Ave.

3. Peaches


Peaches is an ideal brunch spot for the weekend. There is no better time to take the opportunity than CBRW. This week only, Peaches will give you discounts on their popular peach bourbon french toast, the salmon, red beans and greens meal and the ribeye sandwich. You can catch them at 4652 S. King Dr.

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