Yusho with Chin Chilla Meek


By: Ryan Chandler
Chicago is full of dips of diversity across the city. Smack dab in the middle of the south side is Hyde Park. Businesses are lined and stacked up and down 53rd street. The historic neighborhood is full of fine dining, retail shops, and Yusho. Yusho is a fusion Japanese grill, that cooks and creates dishes from all around the world. On this day, Hyde Park was busy as usual. Making her way through the rushy crowd was Chicago Hip Hop artist Chin Chilla Meek. Meek bopped her way to Yusho to dine and discuss with Whatupwindy.

In Chicago, Chin Chilla Meek is well respected and recognized. Her precise bars and flow landed her on MTV as a “Sucka Free Chicago Artist”. The “Harvey World” rapper is a wizard with the pen. Her bars bounce with melody and velocity. Meek and her stellar producer Novacane have magical chemistry that brings her tracks to life. The music packs as much integrity as she does.

Chin Chilla Meek walked into Yusho rocking a classic all white Kango with jet black Beats headphones laced around her neck. Her look is not for show. Hard work, creativity, and a genuine love for rap has always been a motivation. “I was always into writing and I have always had notebooks on notebooks, but nobody knew until, I was serious…I rap” Explains Meek. She goes beyond rap to find her influence and creativity. “Everybody who has that creative mindset is very influential to me” Adds Meek. “From Basquiat, to your Beethovens, everybody” Creative energy isn’t only used on the mic and in the booth. Chin Chilla Meek also does all her artwork and handles digital designs at her 9 to 5.


Yusho defines dynamic. The decor is bright and modern with several windows peeking into 53rd street. The layout and design are open with a relaxed atmosphere. They also have classic Hip Hop and R-n-B subtlety grooving in the background. Yusho serves perfectly for studying or happy hour with friends. The menu is a delicious hybrid of seafood, meats, noodles, and drinks. The food consists of fresh ingredients and prepared over a hot “binchotan”. The service at Yusho is remarkable. They are there to help, explain, and assist you as you make your delicious decision. The first dish was “Yusho Bop”, a marvelous mouth watering mixture of steamed rice, house pickles, egg, and chicken with chile sauce. The second dish was the “BBQ Chicken Ramen”, a delectable broth with BBQ chicken, ramen noodles, egg, and kelp.


Alongside the main dishes was two flavorful grilled corn on the cob with cilantro, lime, queso, and aioli. Each plate is well portioned and lively with color. The combination of flavors, seasonings, and freshness make you savor every drop. 20150810_165837

Chin Chilla Meek waved her spoon back in forth in the broth allowing all the seasoning to simmer. She glanced at a near by menu and said, “The way my mind works, I have trigger memory. If I look at this menu, it can be something that I catch the metaphor in it…It just links. I’m the type of person that I will write down the bar, store it, go to the studio, and catch the beat…if you go in my room, you’ll see balls of paper from me writing everything down…I would even call my house phone and leave a rhyme on my voicemail” Meek’s has gone from house phone bars to studio tracks and her work ethic hasn’t wavered. She is preparing her latest release BTB2. “It is a follow up to the first mixtape I dropped, Beauty and The Beast, it’s just heavy, the energy is real strong, its aggressive…” If you’re ever in Hyde Park make sure to stop by Yusho at 1301 E 53rd St. Watch Chin Chilla Meek’s “Lord Forgive Me” video below.

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